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Factory 174 Omsktransmash, Omsk, Omsk Oblast, Omsk Region, Russia

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Location Category ID: 2640
Added to Database: 26 February 2011
Last Edited: 26 February 2011
Address: Krasny pereulok 2, 644020 Omsk, Russia
Telephone: (381-2) 44-61-15
Opening Times:
Official Website: Omsktransmash
Other Links: Wikipedia
Global Security
T-34 Production
Latitude, Longitude: 54.9709016 , 73.3937532
Location Accuracy: 2
Tanks Previously Here: Tanks confirmed built here:
1: T-34-85 Tank - The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Manufactured late 1940s)

Models of tank built here:
1: T-50 Tank (Sole manufacturer - most produced while still in Leningrad)
2: T-34 Tank - Model 1942 (Additional manufacturer)
3: T-34 Tank - Model 1943 (Additional manufacturer)
4: T-34-85 Tank - Model 1944 (Additional manufacturer)
5: T-34-85 Tank - Model 1945 (Additional manufacturer)
6: T-34-85M Tank (Additional manufacturer of base vehicle)
7: T-80U Tank (Additional manufacturer)
8: Obiekt 268 Tank (Sole manufacturer)

Omsktransmash (Omsk transport machine factory) is a wholly state-owned engineering company based in Omsk, Russia. The company was best known in the west during the cold war period for its production of armoured vehicles such as the T-80 tank. The beginnings of the organisation were in 1896 with the creation of a railway engineering workshop; the plant expanded in 1942 and gained its current importance when factories in the Ukraine and Leningrad were evacuated to beyond the Ural Mountains because of the German advance. During that period the plant stepped in, as Factory No. 174 (K.E. Voroshilov), to produce the T-34 tank. By the end of the war it had produced 5,867 T-34s, equally split between the 76mm- and 85mm-armed versions.

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Omsktransmash works, image from
1: Omsktransmash works, image from

Taken: 2009 (Estimated)
Contributor: CRFU
Location Photo ID: 422
Added: 27 February 2011
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