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Location Accuracy

The location information known for a particular museum, collection or solitary vehicle can vary greatly in terms of accuracy, from a highly accurate Satnav/GPS fix to a very approximate location ("There's one owned by a private collector in so-and-so town, but no-one knows where").

A 'Location Accuracy' system has therefore been devised to manage this, and it is used throughout this site. It was initially inspired by a 'traffic light' idea, but has become somewhat more sophisticated over time. The details are given in the table below, and the colours refer to the markers used in the Google map views. In summary, if the location is indicated with a green marker then it is known with a high degree of accuracy and if visited it is very likely to be found at the given location with a high level of confidence. If it is yellow then it is known with quite a high level of accuracy and if visited it will probably be found at or near the given location. If it is orange then its location is known only approximately and if visited it may not be found, or it may be found only with a significant amount of searching. If it is red then its location is not known.


  1. In all cases, before venturing to visit a public museum or collection it is always worth confirming with its staff that it is expected to be open for the visit and that any vehicles of particular interest are on view, as such things can often change significantly and at short notice.
  2. Where any location is shown in Yellow, Orange or Red and you are able to help improve the accuracy of the known location (either through direct knowledge or by searching) then please contact Armour Archive with the information (you will be credited).


Location Accuracy Table
Index Meaning Colour
10 Recorded by GPS/Satnav in NavPix Dark Green
9 Recorded by GPS/Satnav Dark Green
8 Determined in Google Maps (in proximity to a location recorded by GPS/Satnav) Green
7 Determined in Google Maps (visible in satellite view) Green
6 Estimated in Google Maps (believed accurate to within 100m/100yds) Light Green
5 Estimated in Google Maps (believed accurate to within 500m/quarter of a mile) Light Green
4 Estimated in Google Maps (believed accurate to within 1km/half a mile) Amber
3 Estimated in Google Maps (believed accurate to within 2km/one mile) Amber
2 Location only known approximately (e.g. just the name of the town it is in) Amber
1 Location unknown - last known location indicated Red
0 Location unknown Red