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Flammpanzer III Flame-Throwing Tank

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During 1943 one hundred PzKpfw III Ausf M’s (chassis numbers 77609-77708) were delivered without main armament by the MIAG Company of Braunschweig. They went to Waggonfabrik Wegmann AG of Kassel for conversion to flame-thrower tanks. A steel flame projector with a 14mm nozzle was fitted in place of the usual 50mm cannon. The flame-thrower barrel was distinguishable from the usual armament since it was wider and had no taper, and in particular the base sleeve of the barrel was the full size of the protector box it was mounted on.
The flame-thrower was powered by a DKW 2 stroke petrol engine. Its range was about 55-60m depending on weather conditions. One thousand and twenty litres of flame fuel were carried in the hull in containers that replaced the ammunition racks. The consumption was 7.8 litres per second at a pressure of 15-17 atmospheres, allowing about 125 one second bursts or 80 longer bursts. Additional 20mm plates were welded to the front of these tanks to improve protection. They were mainly issued to special units on the Eastern front during 1943. At least one example, however, was captured and examined by American forces; it had the serial number 77651.

Model Id:153
Manufacture:Mühlenbau-Industrie AG (MIAG), Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany (Flammpanzer III chassis manufacturer - February-March 1943)
Wegmann & Co, Kassel, Nordhessen, Germany (Conversion to Flammpanzer)

1) BWB Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung, Koblenz, Germany

Number of Photos: 1
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Unique ID: 117
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This example of the PzKpfw III (Fl) is unusual in having towing lugs welded to the front nose plate. PzKpfw III’s from Ausf J onwards dispensed with these in favour of ones formed from extensions of the hull side armour. It does, however, retain other Ausf M features. This may possibly indicate that this vehicle was some form of prototype for the PzKpfw III (Fl) series, or else is an example of a remanufactured Ausf H. It was previously stored at the Meppen testing ground. It carries the turret number “124”.