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Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School, Lulworth Camp, Britain

(Location: Unknown Location)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 2124

Unique ID: 2124
Added to Database: 4 February 2012
Last Edited: 25 March 2012
Type (ID): Chieftain 900 (3603)
Model (ID): Chieftain 900 (3603)
Location Category (ID): Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School (3035)
Location (ID): Unknown Location (3036)
Serial Number:
Registration: 53 MS 26: “53MS26” painted on nose. 53 MS 10 according to Museum Vehicle Record, 56 MS 78 according to Griffin/Chieftain.
Other Identification:
Collection Reference:
Links: HMVF
Bovington Chieftain 800/900 Record
Associated Tanks: Chieftain 2000 Tank - Witham Specialist Vehicles Limited, Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, Britain (Stated current owner of Chieftain 900 turret)

Location History:
(see map)

1: Royal Ordnance Factory, Barnbow, Crossgates, Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, Britain (Sole manufacturer of prototypes)
2: ATDU and Solitary Vehicles, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Presumed location – BAEE 1982)
3: Royal Ordnance Factory, Barnbow, Crossgates, Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, Britain (Returned to factory)
4: REME Museum Vehicle Store, Bordon, Hampshire, South East England, Britain (Allocated to SEME Bordon ca1986)
5: Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School, Lulworth Camp, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Current location)

Text in original Preserved British Tanks publication:

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Text in Preserved British Tanks Update:

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Text in original Preserved Tanks In Britain publication:

In 1981 Royal Ordnance, Leeds, launched Chieftain 900, a Chobham-armoured tank with the 900hp Condor E engine. Two prototypes were made, one was converted from the Chieftain 800 prototype with tinwork instead of Chobham armour. This one had a 900hp engine, but also did not have genuine Chobham armour. The tanks were exhibited at BAEE in 1982, but there were no orders and the project was abandoned by 1986. The two prototypes were originally allocated to SEME Bordon in an attempt to reduce the number of Challengers diverted for training, but one vehicle was then sent to the Tank Museum. (Source: Bovington Museum Vehicle Record).
This other prototype was sent to the ranges at Lulworth. Some sources (such as Griffin/Chieftain) state that its turret was given to the Chieftain 2000 prototype. However, this vehicle retains a turret with fixings that could indicated that at one time it mounted the external tinwork for a Chieftain 900 turret. Also the turret on the Chieftain 2000 has a slightly different shape, for example it has a much deeper gunner’s sight recess.

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