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(Model: M60A1 RISE Passive with Blazer)

National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, USA

(Location: Storage)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 1151

Unique ID: 1151
Added to Database: February 2010
Last Edited: February 2010
Type (ID): M60A1 (1704)
Model (ID): M60A1 RISE Passive with Blazer (1706)
Location Category (ID): National Museum of the Marine Corps (96200)
Location (ID): Storage (96204)
Serial Number: “31D 059” painted on stowage boxes on hull sides.
Registration: “USMC 525013” painted on stowage boxes on hull sides.
Name: “GENESIS II” painted on both sides of gun barrel.
Other Identification: ERA fitted on hull front and turret front and sides. “V” painted on hull and turret sides. Painted overall desert sand.
Collection Reference:
Associated Tanks:

Location History:
(see map)

1: Detroit Tank Arsenal / TACOM, Warren, Macomb County, Michigan, USA (Sole manufacturer from October 1962 to 1980)
2: Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia, USA (Presumed upgrade 1983)
3: First Gulf War, Location Unknown, Kuwait (Took part in first Gulf War)
4: National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, Prince William County, Virginia, USA (Current location)

Text in original Preserved American Tanks publication:

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Text in original Preserved Tanks In USA publication:

This tank, Genesis II, took part in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It was C Company’s HQ tank, commanded by Captain Ed Dunlap, 3rd Tank Battalion, and was retrieved from the MPF at Diego Garcia (source: D. Moriarty); the mission of the Marine Corps’ MPF (Maritime Propositioning Force) is to support the rapid deployment of Marine forces by providing mobile, long-term storage of equipment and supplies near areas of potential trouble. Genesis II is believed to have been the first tank into Kuwait City during Desert Storm (source: J. Daneri). It has since become a well-known vehicle as it is the subject of a plastic model kit from Tamiya. It is assumed that it was upgraded at MCLB Albany like the very similar Fort Knox M60A1.

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Front right view
1: Front right view

Taken: 1992 (Estimated)
Contributor: Toadman
Photo ID: 2656
Added: 5 February 2010
Filename: Scan_M60...
Views: 247
Select/Has Priority: 21/0



Date Unknown

Box art from Genesis II model kit
2: Box art from Genesis II model kit

Taken: Date Unknown
Contributor: Tamiya
Photo ID: 2664
Added: 7 February 2010
Filename: Boxart_M...
Views: 642
Select/Has Priority: 21/0