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Location Category ID: 88690
Address: 2260 Corriere Drive, Easton, PA 18045-7929
Telephone: (610)-559-8838
Opening Times: N/A
Official Website:
Other Links: AFVDB
Latitude, Longitude: 40.7205 , -75.25925
Location Accuracy: 10
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This is the site of the American Legion Community Center (Post #9), known as Brown & Lynch, near Easton, PA. It is part of Palmer Township, and is located about halfway between Palmer and Tatamy.

1) M42A1 Duster Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun American

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Unique ID: 478
Serial Number:
Other Identification: “Bam Bam” insignia. Other painted markings are “IFFV”, “4AW60” and “C212” visible on the lower nose and rear plates. Permanent markings are the numbers “7963805” and “G56” stamped into the left-hand headlamp mounting, the numbers “G36” and “8338083” stamped into the right-hand headlamp mounting, and the numbers “15” and “1587” stamped into a plate on the upper rear hull.

This M42A1 Duster is on display outside the Legion post (source: N. Baumgardner). It is mounted on a concrete pad on a corner plot near a small memorial in front of the main building. It appears to be in fairly good condition, although thin metal parts such as the mudguards shows signs of rust, as does the metal cover over the turret intended to keep the worst of the weather out of the normally open-topped vehicle. It is missing a number of components, such as headlamps.

The vehicle was provided by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard (PANG) through the instigation of a Judge Advocate at the post, Peter J. Cochran. His father, a long standing member, had heard that it was possible to apply for a vehicle and so Peter made the request. They were informed they needed to build a suitable base pad, which they did, and eventually the Duster turned up. It was provided at no charge, with the work being done by the PANG as part of a weekend drill. The vehicle was towed off the transporter by a National Guard Hummvee and pulled into position. As delivered the turret was facing straight ahead, so the post members fired up the engine and powered the turret into its current position (facing out from the post towards the road). The vehicle is maintained by a nominated current member of the post who used to be an M42 crewman. [Thanks for this information and their hospitality go to Peter Cochran and Frank Merritt].

The vehicle’s hull was originally a rusty brown colour, and on the nose was painted a picture and the name “Bam Bam”, references to the Flintstones cartoon character Bamm Bamm Rubble. It has since been repainted, but the nose art has been retained; it is signed “E. Kosalko 8/97”.

A good walkaround and description of this vehicle, showing it some years ago (before repainting), can be seen on the AFVDB site (see Other Links).