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Number of Photos: 2
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Location Category ID: 82570
Address: 439 Paul Road, Rochester, NY
Telephone: (585) 247-3330
Opening Times: N/A
Official Website:
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Latitude, Longitude: 43.10602 , -77.711736
Location Accuracy: 10
Tanks Previously Here:

This is the site of the United States Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, near Chili Center, about 10km south-west of central Rochester.

1) T-72 Tank Soviet / Iraqi

Number of Photos: 23
Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 536

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Unique ID: 536
Serial Number: “Ф02BT5425” stamped into the centre of the glacis plate.
Other Identification: Above left of the serial number is the marking “P-58” and above right “T 28”. Below it is welded a plate with the markings, in rough weld metal, “H & S co, 8TH Tk Bn”. There is also the number “B459 K25” cast into the turret roof just in front of the commander’s cupola.

This T-72 is on display outside the Marine Corps Reserve Center building; previously there were also M60A1 and M103 tanks also on display but these are believed to have been moved to Camp Pendleton (q.v.) some years ago (source: N. Baumgardner). It is mounted on a concrete pad on the lawn in front of and to the side of the main building. It appears to be in fairly good condition.

The tank appears to be a T-72M1 and is likely to have been an Assad Babil (‘Lion of Babylon’), i.e. a T-72 locally produced in Iraq. According to the label in front it was captured during Desert Storm from the Iraqi Republican Guard and returned to this site to be displayed by 8th Tank Battalion. The rough markings on the glacis in weld metal appear to indicate it was the Headquarters and Support Company that originally claimed the capture.

This T-72 mounts a KMT-6M mine plough in the travel position.