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Location Category ID: 16320
Address: ul. A. Frycza Modrzewskiego 9/11, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Telephone: (44) 723 00 03
Email: info [at] (Replace [at] with @)
Opening Times:
Official Website: Skansen Pilicy
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Latitude, Longitude: 51.51527432 , 20.03091663
Location Accuracy: 7
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1: TKS Tankette - Kopczynskiego Collection, Łódź, Łódzka, Łódzkie, Poland (Re-enactment event September 2008)

The Skansenie Rzeki Pilicy (Pilica Open-Air Museum) was created in 2000 and is Poland’s first open-air museum dedicated to a river. Its aim is to create a living Heritage Park, a cultural space which covers the nature and history of the River Pilica. The most extensive exhibit is a flour mill that was moved with all its equipment from Kuźnica Żerechowska. The interior of the building is an exhibition on the traditions of water mills in the Pilica valley and includes a large number of old millstones.
The museum has an exhibition of ‘Pilica War Trophies’, mostly taken from the river and surrounding land. It includes the only surviving example of a prototype Luftwaffe SdKfz 8/DB 10 half-track that was recovered from the river in 1999, fifty-four years after it sank. It also includes a FAMO SdKfz 9 half-track. There is also a ‘Pilica Line Fortifications’ exhibit that includes reconstructed German trenches and a reinforced ‘Tobruk’ bunker.

1) T-34-85 Tank Soviet / Polish

Number of Photos: 1
Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 2290

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Unique ID: 2290
Serial Number: 700 (turret): “700” cast into left rear turret side.
Other Identification: “4861” and Polish eagle painted on turret sides. “OLEJ” (‘Oil’) painted on left side fuel drum. “PALIWO” (‘Fuel’) painted on right side fuel drums.

This T-34 came from the Polish Army Museum in 2008. T-34 tanks took part in the fighting near Tomaszów Mazowiecki and its surrounding area, though this one is of post-war Polish manufacture. Through the efforts of the museum, and students of a local secondary school, it underwent a complete renovation during 2009, including being completed with missing equipment. It is now in running order.