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The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Britain

(Location: King George V Road Entrance)

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Sample Photo from Tank with UniqueID 2108

Unique ID: 2108
Added to Database: 1 February 2012
Last Edited: 20 March 2012
Type (ID): M4A1 Sherman (1310)
Model (ID): M4A1 Sherman Grizzly (1314)
Location Category (ID): The Tank Museum - Public Areas (3000)
Location (ID): King George V Road Entrance (3002)
Serial Number: ME 12 27? (source: Museum Vehicle Record).
Registration: T224878 (Canadian): “T-224878” painted on hull sides.
Name: Previously ‘WILTON’, before that ‘CRICKLADE’ painted on hull sides.
Other Identification: White diamond painted on turret sides. Canadian maple leaf emblem painted on transmission cover and left hull rear. Casting mark of General Steel on glacis picked out in white paint. (Previously painted overall in a desert sand and pink camouflage scheme).
Collection Reference: E1989.12. (Accession 1289, Entry 1989.1083).
Links: Museum Vehicle Record
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Location History:
(see map)

1: Montreal Locomotive Works, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Sole manufacturer September-December 1943)
2: Unknown Location, Portugal (Portuguese Army service then sold in 1983)
3: Ian McGregor (Defence), Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales, Britain (ca 1983)
4: (Until ca1986)
5: The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Current location)
6: HQLF Erskine Barracks – Wilton, England (ca1990s-2000s)
7: The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Current location)

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Text in original Preserved Tanks In Britain publication:

This Grizzly came into Britain along with most others from Portugal in 1983. It was imported by Ian McGregor in North wales. He mostly sold to collectors but he also sold a few to the Army to use as hard targets, this one ending up on Sennybridge Training Area. The Tank Museum recovered it in 1985 or 6 in exchange for something else to shoot at. At that point it was missing the magneto, carburettors, driver’s seat and about 4 feet of the gun tube but otherwise it was all there and undamaged. It sat outside Bovington as a gate guardian for several years and was painted with a copy of the scheme in the famous photo of ‘Cricklade’. It then went off to Wilton where the name ‘Wilton’ was substituted for ‘Cricklade’ but it looks like the rest of the paint was not changed. It came back to Bovington recently and is in remarkable condition: it still has the un-rusted air cleaners at the back and it rolls freely. Hatches had been welded so the interior should be ok as well. Long term plan is to return to full running order to complement the twin GMC late Sherman that Bovington regularly runs now. (Source: J. Pearson/Missing-Lynx).
This Grizzly was put on the museum books in 1989. One source states that a Grizzly was sent from the Museum to the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham for a year with the intention of returning it afterwards to Bovington; it is presumed that this is the same Grizzly (though Shrivenham may have been mistaken for Wilton). This Grizzly was prepared in September 2011 and painted in green and Canadian markings to replace the previous desert camouflage scheme and British markings. It was installed on display beside the entrance road in October 2011.

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