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Location Category ID: 6890
Address: 34 boulevard de Valmy, BP 504, 42328 Roanne, Loire
Telephone: 0477707900
Opening Times:
Official Website: Nexter Group
Other Links: Les Blindés de l’Arsenal Roanne
Latitude, Longitude: 46.06676972 , 4.08528328
Location Accuracy: 7
Tanks Previously Here: Models of tank built here:
1: AMX-13/75 Light Tank (Sole manufacturer 1952-1964)
2: Panzer 51 Light Tank (Sole manufacturer 1952-1964)
3: AMX-13 T75 Light Tank (Sole manufacturer 1962-1964)
4: AMX-13/90 Light Tank (Original manufacturer for upgraded vehicles)
5: AMX-13 Modèle 55 Armoured Recovery Vehicle - AMX-13 Modèle 55 / AMX-D (Sole manufacturer 1954-)
6: AMX-13 Bridgelayer - AMX-13 Bridgelayer (Sole manufacturer 1959-)
7: AMX 105mm Mk 61 Self-Propelled Howitzer (Sole manufacturer)
8: AMX 105mm Mk 62 Self-Propelled Howitzer (Sole manufacturer)
9: 155mm Mk F3 Self-Propelled Howitzer - AMX 155mm (Original prototype design and manufacture)
10: AMX-VTP Armoured Personnel Carrier (Primary manufacturer)
11: AMX-VCI Armoured Personnel Carrier - AMX-VTT (Sole manufacturer until 1964 - primarily French Army vehicles)
12: AMX-30 Tank (Manufacturer)
13: AMX-30B2 Tank (Manufacturer)
14: AMX-30B Mineroller - AMX-30 mineroller (Manufacturer)

Long term:
1: AMX-13/75 Light Tank - The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Upgraded January 1957)

The Atelier de Construction RoannE (ARE) factory was built during the First World War to the plans of André Citroën for the production of artillery shells. It is located in the town of Roanne in the Massif Central, almost mid-way between the cities of Lyon and Saint Etienne. From 1952 the AMX-13 was produced at ARE but in 1964 production was moved to Creusot-Loire at Chalon-sur-Saône, as ARE moved to assembly of the AMX 30 MBT, and the numbers produced declined significantly. ARE manufactured 1900 vehicles of the AMX-13 series.