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Location Category ID: 3690
Address: Centurion Way, Farington, South Ribble, Lancashire
Opening Times:
Official Website:
Other Links: Made in Preston
Latitude, Longitude: 53.70705914 , -2.69471884
Location Accuracy: 7
Tanks Previously Here: Tanks confirmed built here:
1: FV4101 Charioteer Tank Destroyer - Barrell Collection, Bedfield, Suffolk, East England, Britain (Primary manufacturer of Cromwell chassis)
2: FV4203 Centurion AVRE 105 Engineer Vehicle - The Tank Museum - Reserve Collection, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Built ca1955)

Models of tank built here:
1: A13 Covenanter Tank (Additional manufacturer)
2: A27L Centaur Tank - Centaur I (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
3: A27L Centaur Tank - Centaur III (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
4: A27L Centaur Tank - Centaur IV (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
5: A27L Centaur Tank - Unidentified Model (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
6: A27L Centaur OP Command Tank - Centaur OP (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
7: Centaur Dozer - Centaur Dozer (Primary Centaur manufacturer)
8: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell I (Primary manufacturer)
9: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell II (Primary manufacturer)
10: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell III (Primary manufacturer)
11: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell IV (Primary manufacturer)
12: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell V (Primary manufacturer)
13: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell VI (Primary manufacturer)
14: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell VII (Primary manufacturer)
15: A27M Cromwell Tank - Cromwell VIII (Primary manufacturer)
16: FV4101 Charioteer Tank Destroyer - Charioteer (Primary manufacturer of Cromwell chassis)
17: A34 Comet Tank - Mark IA (Design parent and sole manufacturer)
18: A34 Comet Tank - Mark IB (Design parent and sole manufacturer)
19: A41 Centurion Tank - Mark 7 (Manufacturer)
20: A41 Centurion Tank - Mark 8 (Manufacturer)
21: A41 Centurion Tank - Mark 9 (Manufacturer)
22: A41 Centurion Tank - Mark 12 (Manufacturer)
23: FV4202 40-ton Centurion Tank - 40-ton Centurion (Sole manufacturer 1956)
24: Centurion MMWR Target Tank (Sole manufacturer of base 40t Centurion 1956)
25: FV3805 Self-Propelled Howitzer - FV3805 SP (Probable manufacturer 1956)
26: FV4201 Chieftain Tank - Chieftain (Design parent)
27: FV4201 Chieftain Tank - Prototypes (Chassis design parent)

Long term:
1: FV4005 Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Gun - The Tank Museum - Public Areas, Bovington, Dorset, South West England, Britain (Manufacturer)

Leyland Motors has a long history dating from 1896, when the Sumner and Spurrier families founded the Lancashire Steam Motor Company in the town of Leyland in North West England. The company's first vehicle was a 1.5-ton-capacity steam powered van. By 1905 they had also begun to build petrol-engined wagons. The Lancashire Steam Motor Company was renamed Leyland Motors in 1907 when they took over Coulthards of Preston. They also built a second factory in the neighbouring town of Chorley which still remains today as the headquarters of the LEX leasing and parts company. In 1920 Leyland Motors produced the Leyland 8 luxury touring car, a development of which was driven by J.G. Parry-Thomas at Brooklands. Three generations of Spurriers controlled Leyland Motors from its foundation until the retirement of Sir Henry Spurrier in 1964. (Source: Wikipedia).
During the Second World War, Leyland Motors along with most vehicle manufacturers was involved in war production. Leyland built the Cromwell tank at its works from 1943. After the war, Leyland Motors continued military manufacture with the Centurion tank. (Source: Wikipedia).
Leyland was the design parent and primary manufacturer of the Centaur tank, with production beginning in November 1942. Other companies were also involved in Centaur production, either of whole tanks or components, including LMS Railway, Morris Motors, Metro-Cammell, Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and English Electric.