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Location Category ID: 20900
Address: Thurzova 16, 03601 Martin (Postal)
Telephone: +421 907 807 585
Email: msm [at] (Replace [at] with @)
Opening Times:
Official Website: MSM Martin
Other Links: ZTS Traktory Works
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T-72 with ZTS Dubnica nad Vahom
Latitude, Longitude: 49.06678086 , 18.90751361
Location Accuracy: 7
Tanks Previously Here: Tanks confirmed built here:
1: T-55A Tank - Base Borden Military Museum, Canadian Forces Base Borden, Borden, Ontario, Canada (Built December 1980)
2: T-55 Trainer Tank - Base Borden Military Museum, Canadian Forces Base Borden, Borden, Ontario, Canada (Date of manufacture unknown)

Models of tank built here:
1: T-55 Tank - T-55 (Czech) (Built under licence 1958-82)
2: T-55A Tank (Built under licence 1958-82)
3: MT-55 Bridgelayer - Czech MT-55 (Sole manufacturer)
4: T-72M Tank (Czechoslovak variant T-72 hull manufacture and hull/turret assembly ca1979-80)

Závody Ťažkého Strojárstva (ZTS) Traktory Works, based in Martin, began building tractors in 1973 in cooperation with Zetor. ZTS built many of the higher horsepower tractors for Zetor, which were sold under the Zetor, Zetor Crystal and Crystal brands. It also built engines, forestry equipment, tanks and other military equipment. It was later known as ZTS Martin and ZTS-Tees Martin.
T-55 tank production took place at ZTS Martin from 1958 to 1982 including some 3,377 T-55, 3820 T-55A and 1280 T-55AK1 tanks, with a significant fraction of these exported (source: S. Zaloga/Osprey New Vanguard 102).
In the mid-1970s, negotiations began with Poland and Czechoslovakia for production of the Soviet T-72. Both countries purchased small quantities, delivered in 1977, and concluded agreements to begin licence manufacture in 1978. This variant was designated T-72M in Poland and Czechoslovakia – it had no direct equivalent in the Soviet Army. Czechoslovak production was undertaken at ZTS Martin which previously manufactured the T-54A, T-55 and T-62. In the mid-1980s, the plants in both countries converted to production of an equivalent of the Soviet T-72A, designated T-72M1. (Source: S. Zaloga/Osprey New Vanguard 6). ZTS Martin undertook production of the complete chassis and ZTS Dubnica' nad Vahom was responsible for the complete T-72 turret.
The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the loss of most of the market for ZTS vehicles. In 1992 it produced only 10% of the armaments it did in 1988. ZTS was re-taken over by the government in 1998. In 2002, ZTS was purchased by HTC Holding of the Slovak Republic, which also had purchased Zetor. HTC Holding later sold ZTS to Martimex, a Slovak conglomerate, and the company was renamed Martimex-Alfa. Martimex itself used to be part of the former ZTS conglomerate. By 2012 the factory was bankrupt, though a number of separate related companies had already split off as going concerns, and the site was earmarked to be sold for redevelopment.