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Number of Photos: 3
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Location Category ID: 16080
Address: Adama Mickiewicza, 06-230 Różan
Opening Times: Accessible at any time
Official Website:
Other Links: Wikipedia – Battle of Różan
Latitude, Longitude: 52.88905 , 21.3964
Location Accuracy: 9
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The Battle of Różan, otherwise known as the Defence of Różan Bridgehead, took place between 4 September and 6 September, 1939, in the fields before the town of Różan on the Narew River. A small Polish garrison of three World War I forts (consisting of two infantry battalions) successfully defended the bridgehead against an entire German panzer division for an entire day and night. However, as a result of a misunderstanding of the commander in chief's orders, the Polish forces were then withdrawn to the other side of the river, and then further eastwards on 6 September. In 1944 the town was almost completely destroyed, and was rebuilt after the war. (Source: Wikipedia).
There is a large war memorial, Pomnik Bohaterów (Monument to Heroes) on the outskirts of the town, overlooking the main road.

1) T-34-85 Tank Soviet / Polish

Number of Photos: 4
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Unique ID: 2262
Serial Number: 588 (turret): “588” cast into left rear turret side.
Other Identification:

This T-34 was installed in 1978 (source: Achjoj). It is believed to be of Polish manufacture; it is mounted on a sloping plinth as the centrepiece of the war memorial.